"World class diving"

World Class Diving in the Philippines

World Class Diving


14 ship wrecks are located in divable depths between 5 and 40 meters. Most of the sunken vessels are sized between 100 – 200 meters of length.


The scuba center of D' Divers is conveniently  located in D' Pearl Bay Busuanga and well equipped with the latest dive gears, several dive boats and highly professional staff. They are perfectly qualified to follow all requirements even teaching technical diving up to instructor level.


From our D' Divers scuba center it is just 2 minutes by boat to the huge wreck of the Japanese Tanker "Okikawa Maru" at the entrance of our bay, just 5 minutes to the Japanese Warship "Akitsushima" and 8 minutes to the many of the historic shipwrecks of the large Japanese supply fleet sunk in 1994.


D' Divers are bringing you to outstanding reef and coral sites. They organize dive safaris around Busuanga and the Apo reef.




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